Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The last few months...

Oh this poor, poor blog! It never gets updated. So here I am, doing my best to think of SOMETHING to fill some space here for the sake of those who may be like me and blog stalk everybody else on their list and get slightly bummed when there hasn't been an update in over 2 weeks...haha. I know, it's horrible.

Anyway, it feels like the time between my last post and now has gone super fast! Tis the season I guess! So starting with the holidays & events: In October we had our annual Halloween Costume Party at my mom's...Chris & I went as "Napoleon Dynamite & Deb" and Daxton went as a monkey. The party was awesome and started out with a Scavenger Hunt for the adults around Centerville/Bountiful which everybody loved, and then of course more food than anybody could eat. But we loved it and look forward to it every year! This was the first year Daxton actually went Trick-or-Treating, which I'm pretty sure I was more excited about than he was. Haha! I love Halloween! I blame it on my Mom...she always got so into it when we were little and that just made me love it too! So we joined Chris' brother's family for the trick or treating portion of the night and had a great time! Daxton LOVED every minute of it and actually caught on to the whole concept a lot quicker than I anticipated.

The "Spider". My mom has made this spider as part of her Halloween tradition for many years. This is really only a small glimpse of how much work she puts into the Halloween decorating! So fun!

Hmm, perhaps a blimp costume would have been more appropriate for me at this point. Haha!

Had to show my mom & Brian...they went as Carl & Ellie Fredrickson from the movie "UP"...so darn cute!

Daxton trying to figure out how the "donut-on-a-string" thing works. When all else fails, just grab it with your hands! :)

Daxton & Owen after trick-or-treating. (Cari, it's possible I stole this pic off your blog, just fyi. :))

We celebrated Chris' 26th birthday last month and had a little surprise party, which of course, I didn't take a single picture of! Ugh! All that work and not a single thing to show from it. Classic me. But it was a Wii Bowling themed party which was held at my mom's ward building and was a lot of fun. Completely chaotic, but fun! (Thanks again everybody who came and helped with everything!!!)
Ok, so this is the ONE picture I got from Chris' birthday....the "Bowling Pins", of all things. Haha. Each family got to take a pin (bottle of Martinelles) home.

Just a few days later was Thanksgiving, which was wonderful! We spent the majority of the day at my mom's just eating & talking & eating some more. :) I made my first pie ever (ok, without the help of my mom), which actually turned out better than I thought it would: Black-Bottom Banana Cream Pie! Mmmm...yes, I will be making this again! Recipe found here: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/black-bottom-banana-cream-pie-54743.aspx. And the following day we put up our tree and the rest of our Christmas decorations which is always fun.

This tree has quickly become a bit of a nightmare this year with Dax being the age he is. I think it had been up and decorated for less than an hour before one of the glass bulbs was broken. Since then, I've had to replace 2 and had about 10 more close calls. And as for the raffia that once upon a time was neat and wrapped nicely...yeah, not so much this year. We're just grateful the whole tree hasn't come down yet!

And as far as other updates go, Chris started a new position at work as the new Director of Admissions for Independence University which has been a wonderful blessing as well as a bit of a challenge, but he's enjoying it so far. He also started back up in school going to the University of Phoenix which of course is always hard, but we know it will all be worth it in the end! :) We were both serving as primary teachers for the Valiant 8 class, but Chris was just barely put into the Young Men's presidency so I'm a bit of a lone ranger for a few more weeks. I have to admit, this has been one of my favorite age groups to teach so I'll miss being their teacher. Dax started going to Nursery back in September, and he absolutely loves it! It's so cute how excited he gets about going and just being with all the other kids. He is such a ham though! Every now and then we'll peek in and see that Daxton, of course, is front and center for whatever it is they're doing. He is totally the class clown already and just LOVES making people laugh.

Saturday, we ended up putting our sweetest pup, Max, on KSL's classifieds in hopes of finding him a better home. We had Max for almost 3 years since he was a puppy and absolutely LOVED him and felt like he was such a part of our family! But in the last few months we've realized that he really deserved more than we can give him right now and as much as we wanted to keep him forever, we knew he needed a better home. So within just a matter of hours after posting him, we had a great little family come to see him and ended up taking him home as one of theirs. It all happened so fast, we didn't really even know what to think. We were SO heartbroken to have to say goodbye to him, but we know he is absolutely in a better home and will be well taken care of. The house definitely feels different right now...we keep expecting to see or hear him doing all the things that he used to do so it's a little tough. Our biggest concern was with Daxton and how he'd handle having Max gone, and for the most part, he's done really well. He started to look for him and called his name at one point yesterday and I absolutely lost it and could not stop crying for almost 30 minutes. And poor Daxton is SO sensitive (like his mom) and started crying as soon as he saw me tearing up. It was craziness!

It's the pictures & videos of him that are going to be my downfall! Oh how we'll miss our Max!!!!

So between having to say goodbye to a pet we've loved like a child, and just being pregnant and insanely tired & hormonal, my emotions have been ALL over the board! So I think I speak for all of us in saying that we're definitely ready to be done with this pregnancy! But as long as the last 8 months have felt, I still can't believe we'll be seeing this new little face in less than a month! I'm having all sorts of deja vu these days and feel like I just went through this with Daxton. So many different emotions and just doing my best to be as prepared as possible and get through these last few weeks. So if he doesn't come on his own beforehand, we are currently scheduled for an induction on the 26th (yes, the day after Christmas!). However, depending on how things are looking in the next couple weeks, we just may switch it to the 28th if we can, so we'll see. The countdown begins and we can hardly wait! :) Now, if only we could settle on a name....